In-person & Virtual
Tutoring services

In-Person Private Tutoring

We currently have tutors offering local tutoring in the following metro areas: Wichita, KS, West Hartford, CT, Harrisonburg, VA, Pittsburgh, PA, and Baltimore, MD. In-person and specific subject availability will vary. Please reach out for the most up-to-date info in your area!

Interested in regular in-person tutoring each month? Check out our tutoring memberships! 

Virtual Private Tutoring

All of our tutors are comfortable tutoring virtually and find it to be an effective and convenient way to deliver instruction. Our virtual tutoring services option span all grade levels and subject areas!

Interested in regular virtual tutoring each month? Check out our tutoring memberships! 

Standardized Test Prep Tutoring & Workshops

We offer subject-specific test prep for SAT/ACT and occasional group workshops before national testing dates. Private GRE, GMAT, and ASVAB exam tutoring is also available.

Homeschool Support

Some tutors are able provide support for homeschoolers during the standard school day. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. 

Small-Group Tutoring

We can provide local or virtual small-group tutoring in various subjects and occasionally offer small-group courses or workshop opportunities. Check out events for more info, or reach out if you have a specific idea or need for group services.

New Developments Coming Soon...

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 Monthly tutoring memberships make sessions easy, convenient and flexible!
Our members have consistent private tutoring each month with the ability to align sessions with the family’s schedule. If your student changes classes or different needs emerge, you can switch to a different membership or take a pause until you’re ready to return. 
A tutoring membership is the best way to invest in your academic goals! 

Take a look at the membership options below and choose the one that is best for your student:


$130 for
2 hrs/month


$240 for
4 hrs/month


$330 for
6 hrs/month


$420 for
8 hrs/month

Practical Prep Tutors is amazing! My daughter has been working with her tutor for about 2 weeks and loves her! She is excited to learn and starting to gain some confidence again ♡ Highly recommend!

- Glenda Smith


Subject List


Elementary & Middle School Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, College Algebra, Trigonometry & Precalculus, Statistics, Calculus I & II,
AP Calculus, Accounting


Reading & Phonics, Writing, College Essays


General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, AP Physics,
Anatomy & Physiology, Environmental, Earth & Space

Foreign Language

Spanish, English (ESL)

standardized tests



Special Education & Homeschool Support,
Organization & Study Skills


Check back for event dates soon!

Virtual SAT Workshop

Participants will be coached on specific content and test-taking strategies as they practice answering exam-style questions.

Saturday, april 30

9-11AM CST
COST: $110

Instructor: Matt Tibbitts

Virtual ACT Workshop

Participants will be coached on specific content and test-taking strategies as they practice answering exam-style questions.

Saturday, June 4

9-11AM CST
COST: $110



Our tutoring rates vary based on the subject area as well as location and logistical needs of both the tutor & student. The average rate for an hourly session is $50/hr. The frequency and duration of sessions is determined based on the academic and logistical needs of each student.

It depends! Every student is different. Most students meet with their tutor for one hour each week. However, we recommend that the student and tutor meet for an initial session before making the final decision on the frequency and duration of sessions.

Local tutoring can be conducted in the student’s home, the tutor’s home (if preferred by the tutor), or an agreed-upon public space such as the library or a quiet coffee shop. The logistical options will be discussed during an initial conversation with your tutor. Virtual tutoring is offered across grade levels and subject areas. Many people appreciate the flexibility that virtual tutoring provides from the comfort of your own home!

We are always looking for qualified tutors to join our team! We may not currently have a need for your subject area of expertise, but applicants are welcome to fill out an application to keep on file. Contact us through our form or email for more info.

Maybe! We currently have tutors offering local tutoring in the following metro areas:

  • Wichita, KS
  • West Hartford, CT
  • Fredericksburg, VA
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Baltimore, MD


Not all subject areas and grade levels can be accommodated for in-person tutoring. We recommend you contact us to ask about the local availability for your student’s specific needs.

We offer tutoring for all grade levels and most subject areas! Check out our Services page!

My son has been seeing tutors at Practical Prep Tutors for several years now. With the tutors teaching and supporting him with his math, he has also gained confidence in math. He has learned to ask more questions and ask for help in class. He has also learned that sometimes it takes a little more work to complete something, but in the end, the effort is worth it. I love that the tutors communicate with my son’s teachers and me and truly care how he is doing in class. Anytime he has needed an extra session before a big test, they have always been accommodating. I feel lucky to have found such a fantastic tutoring group.

- Laura Easter